Department of Physiology:


Department of Physiology, Mymensingh Medical College, a leading government medical college in Bangladesh has been a separate entity since 1996. Before that functional aspects of human body were taught in the department of Physiology and Biochemistry.  The college itself transformed from  “Lytton Medical School” which conducted Licentiate of Medical Faculty (LMF) in Baghmara between 1924 and 1962. Mymensingh Medical College was named in 1962 that started conducting MBBS course. The campus shifted to Charpara in 1972. The Hospital building is adjacent to the college building.

In addition to MBBS course Postgraduate courses such as MD,  MS, Diploma & MPH, Mphil courses started in July 2002. Physiology has its own Mphil course, and taught as an essential beginning basic subject in MD and MS courses of clinical discipline. BDS course started in 2012. The department turns over more than 150 students a session and boasts of having a few of the stalwarts in physiology in charge of its supervision and many meritorious students who have succeeded in other fields of medical science. It depends on all the teaching accommodation and equipments the college has like auditorium, galleries, tutorial (2 ) and practical rooms (1), computers, multimedia, overhead projectors and above all a group of efficient dedicated teachers.


Faculty members: see faculty members page.


Education- Course & training:


Course :

Undergraduate- MBBS, BDS

Post graduate – M Phil (Physiology), MD&MS


Lectures-120 hours

Tutorials-120 hours

Practical-120 hours


Lectures- 70 hours

Tutorials- 114 hours

Practical- 32 hours



List of Head of the department

Department of Physiology and Biochemistry

1. Professor Md. Abul Hossain (1962-8.8.1967)

2. Professor Md. Hurmat Ali (9/8/1967-15/11/1968)

3. Professor M A Jalil (16/11/1968-25/9/1971)

4. Professor Fazlul Karim (16/9/71-28/3/78)

5. Professor M A Jalil (29/3/1978-1/12/1990)

6. Professor Sohrab Ali (2/12/1990-5/12/1991)

7. Professor M A Jalil ( 6/12/1991-30/12/1992)

8. Assistant Professor M A Gafur (31/12/1992-23/3/1993)

9. Assistant Professor Mahmuda Begum (24/3/1993-8/9/1993)

10. Assistant Professor Kalpana Dey (9/9/1993-18/9/1996)


Department of Physiology

1. Associate Professor Nadira Islam (19/12/1996-29/3/1998)

2. Associate Professor Shah A Latif (30/3/1998-14/7/2002)

3. Associate Professor Shah A Latif (15/7/2004-16/6/2009)

4. Professor Shah A Latif (17/6/2004-13/11/2009)

5. Assistant Professor Akhtarun Nessa (14/11/2009-18/02/2010)

6. Associate Professor Akhtarun Nessa (18/2/2010-23/11/2011)

7. Professor Akhtarun Nessa (23/11/2011-till date)


List of past post graduates:

Mphil, Physiology-

1. Dr. Zahid Hossain (July 2004)

2. Dr. Akhtarunnessa (July 2004)

3. Dr. Nasima Khatun (July 2004)

4. Dr. Anwara Akhter Khatun (January 2005)

5. Dr. Shahnaz Parveen (January 2005)

6. Dr. Rafia Shameem (July 2005)

7. Dr. Fatema Wahed (July 2005)

8. Dr. Debjani Sarker (January 2006)

9. Dr. Farhad Husain (July 2007)

10. Dr. Asma Akhter ( July 2007)

11. Dr. A K M Hafizuddin Khan (July 2008)

12. Dr. Nahid Bintay Ansary (July 2008)

13. Dr. Muhammad Rukunuzzaman (July 2009)

14. Dr. Abu Musa Md. Harun or Rashid (July 2010)

15. Dr. Touhidul Islam (January 2010)





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