Department of Ophthalmology:

The eye care scenario is evolving rapidly in Bangladesh. In this era of globalization to keep pace with the modern world, both excellent clinical expertise and latest technology in instrumentation are essential. Department of Ophthalmology, Mymensingh Medical College Hospital has begun its journey with the aim of providing the best eye care in greater Mymensingh with a fragrance of warm hospitality.

 About 20 millions people are living in greater Mymensingh region. This department is giving tertiary eye care services to this mass people referred from Kishoregonj,Netrokona , Sherpur, Jamalpur and Tangail districts. This department is well equipped to provide the best services to the peoples and is supported by a team of skilled Ophthalmologists, trainee doctors & other supporting staffs.

 Ophthalmology department of Mymensingh Medical College is the only center for producing eye care professionals. Full time training facilities for all post graduate degrees are recognized by the appropriate authorities.


Faculty members: see faculty members page.


Education- Course & training:

Course: 1) MBBS


Lectures: 3 Hours per week.

Tutorial schedule: 2 hour per day per batch.                             

Duration – 1 month for 4th year & 1 month for 5 th year.

2) MS Ophthalmology


BCPS training: Recognised for full time.

BSMMU: Recognised for full time.




4th year


5th year



Dr.Arifur Rahman Akonjee

*Red Eye, Conjunctivitis,Uveitis .

*Glaucoma, Tonometry

Dr. Md. Musharraf Hossain

*Corneal ulcer. *Instruments,X-ray,Specimen,Drugs,Suture materials


Dr. Fakhrul Islam

*Eyelid disorder,Proptosis . *Corneal ulcer,Xerophthalmia

Dr. Mohd. Habibullah

*History taking, examination of eye, Colour vision, Field of vision. *RetinalDiseases,ICSOL,DM,Proptosis


Dr. Mohd. Habibullah

*Ocular injury,

*Corneal F.B, Eye bandage

Dr. Md.  A. H. Akhanda

*Uveitis *Glaucoma, Tonometry, Ophthalmoscopy


Dr. Md Ismail Hossain

*Snellen’s Chart, Refraction, Trial Box          *Cataract.

Dr. Fakhrul Islam

*Ocular injury


Dr. Md. Musharraf Hossain

SPT, Epiphora, Dacryocystitis . Instruments,X-ray,Specimen,Drugs,Suture materials .

Dr. Md. Selim Dad



Dr. Mohd. Habibullah

History taking, examination of eye,Adnexa, V.A. Ant. Segment

Dr. Md Ismail Hossain


*Surgical procedure: ECCE, IOL implantation, Trabelectomy, DCR



For Block posting:

5 th year students those are supposed to appear in Final Professional MBBS examination are placed for block posting for a period of 10 days. Each batch consists of 10 students. Students are posted in this department for intensive learning & training.

Clinical, Live surgery, OSPE demonstrations are given in this period.  






Dr. Md Ismail Hossain



Dr. Md. A. H. Akhanda

*Cataract ,

*Surgical procedure: ECCE, IOL implantation, Trabelectomy, DCR, Pterygium, Enucleation, Evisceration, Repair of corneal and other ocular injuries


Dr. Fakhrul Islam  & Dr.Arifur Rahman Akonjee

*Ocular injury,


* Instruments,X-ray, Specimen,Drugs, Suture materials,  Fl.Dye , OSPE, Short case


Dr. Mohd. Habibullah

*History taking, examination of eye, Colour  ision, Field of vision.

*Retinal Diseases,ICSOL,DM, Proptosis.


Dr. Md. Musharraf Hossain

*Glaucoma, Tonometry, Ophthalmoscopy.


Dr. Md. Selim Dad

* Corneal  ulcer.


Lecture Schedule for MBBS course: 

Teaching hour:

1 hour Per lecture (at least 40 hours in 5th year),

2 hour Per tutorial class (4 weeks in 4th year & 4 weeks in 5th year),

Full time for block posting.


b. Post graduate: MS final part course is conducted in this department.


Optics and Refraction, Strabismus: 100 lectures (1 hour per lecture).

Ophthalmic medicine and Surgery: 100 lectures (1 hour per lecture).

Tutorial schedule:

Full time residency in ophthalmology department, MMCH

(In-patient, Out-patient Department & Operation theatre, Eye camps & School sight testing).

Thesis Work: is supervised by Guide & Co-guide.

Clinical case presentation: Every Sunday (8.30 am – 9.30 am) in Ophthalmology Department 

Every thurs day (8.30 am – 9.30 am) in Hospital conference room.

Journal club presentation every Monday (8.30 am – 9.30 am) in college conference room.

Full time  Training Facilities for all post gradute courses are available here.



Facilities available:

*Ward 17 & 18 of MMCH- alloted for in patients.

* Examinations : By

*Slit Lamp Biomicroscope,

* Autorefractometer

* A-scan ultrasonogram,

* B-scan ultrasonogram

* Automated Keratometer

* Tonometer (Both Goldmann applanation & Schiotz tonometer)

* Both Direct & Indirect ophthalmoscope,

* Retinoscope,

* Goldmann Perimeter

* Synoptophore

* Goldmann 3 mirror contact lens

* +78 D , + 90 D volk lens.

* Snellens chart

* Ishihara chart


O.T facilities:   


* Operating Microscope,

* Phaco emulsifier,

* Cryo device

* Common surgical instruments

* G.A machine.



*Phacoemulsification with PCIOL

*Small incision cataract surgery with PCIOL

*Glaucoma Surgery

*Paediatric ophthalmic surgery

* Dacryocystectomy operation etc.


b. Outpatient (OPD):


Saturday to Thursday: 8am to 2.30 pm


OPD personnel: 

*Dr.Arifur Rahman Akonjee – Resident Surgeon (R.S),

*Dr.Rezaur Rahaman Chowdhury – Refractionist,

*Dr.Zahid - Outdoor Medical Officer.


c. Inpatient-


Unit in charge

Admission Date

Unit I

Dr.Md.Aminul Haque Akhanda

Saturday, Monday, Wednes day,Friday(even)

Unit II

Dr.Md.Ismail Hossain

Sunday, Tuesday,Thursday,Friday (odd).


Research –

a.Field of research:

Ophthalmic Dignosis, Ophthalmic Theraputics, Ophthalmic Microsurgery, Ocular Trauma, Refractive Status.

Collaboration (Home and abroad):Home by MOHFW.



a. List of past faculty members:


Late Prof. Dr. Shamsuddin Ahmed

Late Prof.Dr.Altaf Hossain

Prof. Dr.Modasser Ali

Prof Dr. Abdus Satter

Late Prof. Dr.Azizur Rahman

Prof. Dr. Ava Hossain

Prof. Dr.M.A Hadi Fakir

Prof.Dr.Syed Maruf Ali

Prof Dr. Abdul Khaleque Talukder

Prof.Dr.Shah Alam

Prof.Dr.Tofael Ahmed

Prof. Dr. Abu Ahmed Mohiuddin

Prof.  A.S.M Kamaluddin

Prof. Dr. Aminul Haque Akhanda.

b.List of past post graduates:


* Dr.Md Musharraf Hossain,

* Dr.K.D Chawkroborty,

* Dr.Aminur Rashid Akhanda,

* Dr.Arifur Rahman Akonjee

c. List of past staff faculty members:


Prof Dr.Ishrafil,

Prof Dr. Sk. M A Mannaf,

Dr.Arman Ahmed


Dr.Khalid Hossain,

Dr.Towfique Ahmed,

Dr.Mehbub ul Kadir,

Dr.Shafi Khan,

Dr.Nishat Parveen,


Dr.Nesar Uddin.






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