Department of Nephrology:


This is one of the valuable branches of Medicine which is devoted to serve the patients with kidney diseases. Nephrologists here provide treatment and advices for admitted patients with various kidney diseases in different wards. It also provides emergency dialysis supports for the patients when indicated. Renal biopsies are taken to diagnose some glomerular diseases. Furthermore it provides OPD services for renal patients in weekly schedule. The Nephrology dept. of MMC is running with a 3 years post-graduate MD course in Nephrology.


Faculty members: see faculty members page.



MBBS and MD courses are running

MBBS – lectures, Tutorial schedule.

Post graduate – lectures, Tutorial schedule.



Hospital services:

a. Outpatient (OPD)  - Schedule, with personnel: Weekly basis (every Monday), Nephrologists and Post-Graduate students.

b. Inpatient – unit with in charge and admission date: Dr. Md. Abdul Muqueet, admission: daily.



1. Pattern of dyslipidemia in CKD and the relationship of dyslipidemia in progression of CKD: Dr. Dilip Kumar Debnath.

2. Stratification of CKD and prevalence of risk factors with CKD in Hospitalized patients. : Dr. A.T.M. Sulaiman Kabir.

3. Prevalence of microalbuminuria and overt Proteinuria in diabetes mellitus and their association with renal function in a rural population: Dr. Mohammad Asadujjaman.

4. Prevalence of CKD and identification of associated risk factors in a rural area of Mymensingh by mass screening: Dr. Mahmud Javed Hasan.

5. Prevalence of sub-clinical Hypothyroidism in predialysis patients with CKD: Dr. Ashutosh Saha Roy.

6. Outcome of Acute Kidney Injury treated with haemodialysis admitted in Mymensingh Medical College Hospital: Dr. Md. Golam Rabbani.



Acute Kidney Injury in Pregnancy: Dr. A. K. Saleh Uddin Ahammed.


List of past faculty members:

1. Dr. Prodip Kumar Datta, Associate Professor

2. Dr. Abul Kashem, Associate Professor




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