Department of Medicine:


Department of Medicine started its journey since the establishment of Mymensingh medical College Hospital. This department delivers outdoor and indoor basis medical services to the patient .Patients are admitted in the indoor Medicine ward everyday through Resident physician during office hour and through Emergency medical officer for 24 hours. It has six units –Three Professors and four Associate Professors are head of these units. Every patient is regularly examined and treated by the doctors and during daily clinical round Professors supervise them. Any critical decision regarding the patient is taken through multidisciplinary approach. Among the allied branch Hepatology, Respiratory medicine, Haematology are attached with this department.


Faculty members: see faculty members page.


Completed thesis works are as follows –

  1. Hypoglycemic Effect of Catharanthus Roseus in normal and streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

  2. Antibacterial effect of Neem Leaf extract against Staphyllococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa

  3. A study of prescribing habits of antimicrobials in cough or cold and pneumonia under five years children in hospital outdoor settings

  4. Antibacterial effect of curcuma longa (turmeric) against Staphyllococcus aureus and Escherichia coli





Lecture classes: At the beginning of the academic session a schedule is published from the department and lecture classes are taken by the Professors.

Clinical classes:  From 3rd year to 5th year students are placed here. Regular clinical classes both in morning and evening are taken. Students have to appear Ward completion examination.


Post graduate:

Since 2002 MD (Internal Medicine) course began in this department. MD- second part students of Cardiology, Nephrology, Neurology take part in the academic activities along with the MD- second part students of Internal Medine.3rd part students of MD(Internal Medicine) take part in regular academic and departmental other activities. Professors of respected units take regular clinical classes, demonstrate them and evaluate the performance of Postgraduate students. Two physicians attained MD (Internal Medicine) degree from this department.

Clinical meeting: Each unit has it’s own schedule for daily clinical meeting where Internee doctors, Registrars, Assistant Registrars, Indoor Medical Officers, Post graduate students present clinically important cases and there has an open lively discussion under the supervision of the respected head of the unit which helps the doctors to upgrade their knowledge and also helps to take conclusive decision regarding the patient.

Training: BCPS & BSMMU recognize training with full duration.



a) Daily emergency services.

b) Outpatient (OPD) service – daily

c) Inpatient: Unit in charge and admission date :

Unit-I :In charge- Professor  Sankar Narayan Das with admission date Sunday.

Unit-II:In charge-Professor Md. Zahiruddin with admission date Monday.

Unit-III:In charge-Professor Golam Kibria Khan with admission date Tuesday.

Unit-IV:In Charge-Dr.Satya Ranjan Sutradhar with admission date Saturday.

Unit-V:In charge-Dr.Hanif Mohammad with admission date Thursday.

Unit-VI:In charge-Dr.Abdul Mannan with admission date Wednesday.

Admission date – Friday comes by turn for each Unit.



                -Thesis work for final part MD (Internal Medicine) course.

                -Dissertation for FCPS examination.

                -Patient oriented research work in ward & OPD.


For any information regarding the department ,please contact in the following address:



Prof. Dr. Satya Ranjan Sutradhar

Head, Department of Medicine

Mymensingh Medical College, Mymensingh-2206,Bangladesh.




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