Department of Blood Transfusion Medicine:

From very beginning, when Mymensingh Medical College started in the year of 1962, Blood Bank established in Mymensingh Medical College Hospital .then in the year of 1973 Blood Transfusion Department with the help of one Associate professor and two technician and one sweeper start with full swing .Now it is Transfusion Medicine with its own Bye-law under the leadership of National safe Blood Transfusion Programme running Smoothly, Students organizations Sandhani Medicine Club, Leo Club, Rotaract Club, Bhadan are the Sister organizations of Transfusion Medicine & through them, every year performing Pohela Baisak, Thalassemia Day, World Blood Donor Day, National Mourning day, World AIDS Day, Bijoy dibosh, International Mother Language (21st February) & Independence day by Voluntary Blood Donation programme, where donor selection, blood grouping and collection of blood done.

Day care centre of Transfusion Medicine Department provide blood transfusion facilities with 10 bed to the anemic patients, specific cancer patients and Thalassemic patients.


Faculty members: see faculty members page.


Education- Course & training:

(a). Graduate Level:

Five (5) lecture classes for 5th year MBBS students taken according to the academic schedule.3rd year and 4th year MBBS students are placed for seven (7) days in our department for tutorial & practical demonstration on 7th day or last day oral & practical examination is taken.

(b). Post Graduate Level:

MD & MS students are placed for 3 (three) weeks and Diploma students placed for 3 (three) weeks and diploma for students 1 (one) month for lectures classes, tutorial and practical demonstrations.

(c) Training programmers of Transfusion Medicine Department:

 Medical technologist from different district, Upazila Health Complexes for 15 (fifteen) days and from health Technology Institute for 21 (Twenty one) days.

EOC training fro doctors from Upazila health Complex for 2 (two) weeks.



Clinical Activity:

For each of donor & respective patient – donor selection, collection of blood , screening of the donated blood for HBsAg, HCV, HIV, malaria & Syphilis, cross- matching, blood grouping done in the department .For antenatal woman blood grouping and special investigation for Rh D Negative –Antibody detection & Titre done regularly.

Day care centre provided Blood Transfusion for Thalassemia, anaemic patient and specific cancer patients.


Departmental seminar:

With the help of safe blood transfusion project, orientation and assurance programme for the Asstt. Register, Indoor Medical Officers from different wards going over. On the World AIDS Day, Thalassemia day, seminar on respective subject done in the department.


Quality assurance activity:

From donor selection, collection of blood, screening of blood, storage of blood etc. in every step, quality control and quality assurance maintained.


Publication: 28 original review & case study article published.




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