Department of Anatomy:


The department of Anatomy of Mymensingh Medical College is one of the oldest department  which started its activity since 1962 when the college was established. It is a center of excellence for learning anatomy, histology and embryology. In this department there is one professor, one associate professor, two assistant professors, one curator, twelve lecturers and one medical officer. It is one of the most spacious and well equipped department. There are both under-graduate like MBBS and BDS and postgraduate MD, MS, M. Phil and diploma courses. Post graduate courses has been started since July-2002. Anatomy is an essential basic subject for all of these courses. BDS course has been started since January, 2012. Academic service includes teaching MBBS students in 1st and 2nd year and BDS 1st year & paper-I of part-I of all disciplines of MD, MS, Diploma courses. Every year five students are admitted in the M.Phil Anatomy course. The department has carried out thesis works in collabation with Forensic Medicine & Gynaecology department of Mymensingh Medical College and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University. Well equipped museum, histology laboratoy are available in this department. Compeuter loaded with digital atlas of histology software is used for large scale teaching.

The Anatomy musium contains various teaching collections like original skeleton and models of defferent organs. It exhibits defferent preserved organs (normal & anomalous) & dead body with various human body systems and helps them to cerrelate with their learning. Histology laboratory provides all facilities for microscopic tissue preperation. It is equipped with 80 different types (monocular & binocular) of light microscopes. Multiheaded microscope is also available for teaching post graduate students. The laboratory is decorated with large number of microscopic fiqures.


Faculty members: see faculty members page.



Course & training:

MBBS, BDS, M. Phil (Anatomy), MD- Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology,  Radiology, Paediatrics & Nephrology.

MS: Gynaecology & Obstetrics, General Surgery, Paediatrics, General Surgery & Ophthalmology.

Diploma: Orthopaedics,  Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Cardiology.


Schedule of class hour of different courses

MBBS-Lectures -120 hours., Tutorial - 60 hours; Histology-120 hours, Dissection- 350 hours.

Total Teaching hour – 650 hours.

BDS - Lectures - 70, Tutorial - 40 hours; Histology- 30 hours, Dissection- 260 hours.

Total Teaching hour – 400 hours

Post graduate – Lectures – 60 hours (3 lectures per week), Tutorial – 90 hours  (3 classes  per week)

Total Teaching hour – 150 hours.


Research –

(a) Field of research: Morphometric & histological study of different organs of cadaver

(b) Completed research projects : 14 in number


List of Completed Research Works:


Research Title

Name of Researcher


An Anatomocal Study on Postmortem Heart of Bangladeshi Adult People 

Dr. Sabina Mannan


Gross & Histomorphological Study of Postmortem Thyroid Gland in Bangladeshi People

Dr. Seheli Zannat Suiltana


A Comparative Study of Gross & Histomorphological Changes of Human Placeta & Umbilical Cord in Normal & Eclamptic Pregnancy

Dr. Shahinur Sultana


An Anatomical Study on Kidney in Bangladeshi People

Dr. S. M. Nurul Hasan


Gross & Histomorphological Study of Vermiform Appendix in Bangladeshi People

Dr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman


Gross & Histomorphological Study of Ovary in Bangladeshi People

Dr. Md. Shibbir Ahmed


Gross & Histomorphological Study of Uterus & Fallopian Tube in Bangladeshi Female

Dr. Zubaida Gulshan Ara


Gross & Histomorphological Study of Kidneys in Bangladeshi People

Dr. Umme Kulsum Sharmin Zaman


Gross & Histomorphological Study of Spleen in Bangladeshi People

Dr. Md. Ashraful Islam Chowdhury


Gross Morphological & Histological Study of Cadaveric Liver in Bangladeshi People

Dr. Zinat Rezina Sultana


Prenatal & Postnatal Larynx  of Different Age Groups in Bangladeshi Cadaver

Dr. Anjuman Ara


Study on Prenatal & Postnatal Cerebellum  of Different Age Groups in Bangladeshi Cadaver

Dr. A. Q. M. Ataul Haque


Gross & Histomorphological Study of Human Placnta & Umbilical Cord in Different Gestational Age Groups In Bangladesh

Dr. Taslima Begum


Gross & Histomorphological Study of Prenatal & Postnatal Testes in Bangladeshi People

Dr. Shilpi Choudhury

(c)  On going research –at present no student in thesis part



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