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Teaching spaces:

There are the following teaching spaces in Mymensingh Medical College

1.      Gallery 1, II & III

2.      Tutorial rooms

3.      Dissection Hall

4.      Practical classrooms o Laboratories

5.      Museums

6.      Medical Education Unit

7.      Medical Skill Centre

8.      Autopsy Morgue

9.      Seminar' Rooms

10.  Auditorium



The MBBS library is located in the western block of the college building. It consists of a reference for the use of the faculty and doctors. International medical journals are regularly being received through donations from the British Council, the Asia Foundation, WHO and other place.


There are two reading rooms with an accommodation of about 150 students. They can borrow text and other books to read on the reading room of the library as well on a take home basis for a limited period. This provides an excellent opportunity for the students to access to modern medical text books of their own liking. The college library has a collection of over 25000 volumes of text books about 2000 titles. Besides, there is a collection of about 1000 slides used as teaching aid by the teachers.


Library Services:

        Library working hours: During morning shift from 9 am to 2.00 pm and day shift from 2.00 pm to 9.00 pm

        Our library is meant only for reference sake and the staff members alone can get the loan facilities for the publication purposes.

        Inter-Library loan facilities are also offered.

        Medline Database (Abstracting Services)



The college has many facilities like enough space for playing the games cricket, football, table tennis, long tennis, volley ball, badminton.



A branch of Agranee Bank shares its banking services with the college, being just besides the college building. The Post Office (Sub Branch) is also in the campus.


Ethical Committee:

This committee guides investigations / researchers in the ethical aspects of the research programmes. Funds by the Governmental agencies and publications in professional journals necessitates the project to get an approval from this committee.



Research is being carried out in all departments, both in the Pre clinical and Para clinical. The teachers are actively involved in Clinical and Research activities, including publication of papers in reputed professional journals.


Medical Skill Centre:

The centre is located at the 2nd floor of the College in the Department of Physiology. It offers excellent facilities to the students to practice skills on different clinical activities. Tastefully decorated and richly equipped, this centre is a pride addition to the repertoire of the teachers to the teachers to impart effective practical teaching to their students.


Postgraduate training programs:

The rich infrastructure and modern clinical training facilities existing in the hospital has earned recognition for the trainees aspiring to enter into postgraduate courses. The patients are also used as teaching subjects for students and trainee doctors.


Autopsy facilities:

Due to religious traditions, autopsies are not carried out routinely in all hospital deaths. Only the medicolegal autopsies are performed by the department of forensic medicine with the help of the department of pathology whenever needed. A student has to attend at least 10 autopsies under supervision of a teacher during the period of second professional MBBS study.


BMDC Registration:

BMDC Registration is a mandatory pre-requisite for all types of practice, job and profession. Both after Graduation and Post Graduation all the Doctors must register him/her-self in BMDC. Practice without registration is punishable as per law.



The College is not bound to provide hostel accommodation to all students. However, it may offer this facility to the deserving and soliciting students on first come first serve basis. The priorities are based on students from outside the city, academic merit, regularity in study, good conduct etc. Application needs to be made after admission. Rules and regulations are maintained strictly and defaulting may result in serious disciplinary action by the college authority, including cancellation of the seat or other penalties. The allotted students must keep allotment letter with them in the hostel, otherwise law enforcing agency can be active. There are two separate hostels for Boys and Ladies. The Boy's Hotel is outside of the campus although the Ladies Hotel is in the college campus.



There is a Hostel Mosque in the Male Hostel and a central Mosque annexed to the Hospital and the college. Religious festivals of all the religions are celebrated with much zeal and fervour within the campus.




The Auditorium has all the infrastructures and facilities of a modern auditorium like air conditioning, comfortable 1000 seats, large stage, lighting and sound system. It is the hub of all the cultural activities and competitions of the campus for both students and teachers alike. Culture, Literary, Social welfare and other Departments of the Students' Union organize literary, social and cultural programs frequently. The esteemed auditorium wears up a festive look during the annual literary and cultural competitions of the students.


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